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Glorious Collective, passionate cyclist and cake lover, tested the Infinity range. Have a look below of his perception.

Last week the kind people at Matchy Cycling sent GCC a a few items to review and test

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: it was delivered in a smart musette and come on who doesn't love a musette! There motto "LOOK GOOD - HAVE FUN" is pretty cool. The first thing that jumps out is great logo formed from a m creating an infinity.


So first out of the bag was the Infinity Cap! We all know everyones partial to a cap! My first impression on this one was that theres no expense spared it's a lovely cap with a great design throughout, and fits on the head perfectly! It comes in at £15 which is pretty fair for a cap! If i had to rate this id put it straight in at 5 out of 5 certainly going in my back pocket for much needed cake doping!


So we all know winter is coming like right... NOW! So everyone will be dashing to find there long sleeves! The Matchy Infinity jersey is not a thermal jersey but pretty suitable for a cold start or sunny winters day. The material is quite soft making it quite comfy! I tested this jersey last week when it was dark on the commute in the mornings and it was very suitable for the task!


Taking the infinity logo was certainly a cool idea and creates a great eye catching pattern on the cuffs and the rear f the jersey, the pattern is certainly in the parts where you need bit more visibility in the mornings. I really like the style and design of this jersey as most designers know sometimes less is more and these guys nailed it!


Subtle detailing creating a nice touch on the cuffs.
Overall i think its a great jersey the only bad thing i would say about it would be Powered by Squarespace 1 Like L Share Newer / Older personally for me the arms are too long, but thats because i am a size XS and have no upper arm strength or muscles! If i had to score this i would give it 4 out of 5.

Price wise it comes in at £95 which is pretty reasonable for a long sleeve. I love the way this brand is going about there design and ethos so keep it up folks!