Matchy introduce you the Chapter #1, our first kit release. The story will continue...


Aquarelle is a French word meaning watercolour. We choose it not just because we are French but also because it’s associated to colours, paint and artistic inspiration. The same way a street artist tags with spontaneity and conviction, we like riding following this instinct. Riding is about the experience you get. For us it means attack when you want, push hard (or not), have fun and make sure you share good moments with your friends. 

Aquarelle is definitely the expression of the passion you put in what you are doing, like a devoted artist. It’s also clear that London’s iconography has been a great inspiration into the pattern.


Human history is huge, and there have been many great civilisations. The Incas left their mark, as a very smart civilisation. We especially like the colourful clothing they used to make. We like it because it’s unique; it’s a marked impact. 

We created the Inca kit following their attention to detail. There are so many small shapes, tiny lines and little touch of colours that make it lovely to look at. We read about the Inca history too and the big boss, “Inca Roca” was a badass. We don’t want you to decapitate anyone but just feel like a boss when you wear the Inca kit.

Our kits are made to propose something subtle, and connected to the trend. We think this is spot on!