This is it! After a very promising launch on social media, the website is now live! And with it, our first products :)

We’ve titled the initial news “Preface” because at Matchy we see our story as being like a book (a big one obviously). Every book begins with a preface and there’s no better way for us, than to start this adventure with the Infinity model.

The Infinity model is directly inspired from our logo, which is itself an amalgamation of a number of emblems:

     . The M for Matchy.

     . The Infinity symbol, for endless matching combinations.

     . The Escher illusion, our design inspiration.

     . The Stripes, representing the balance and detail of our products.

Using a black foundation, the Infinity model is designed to be sober and subtle; but with enough detail to keep you looking sharp and different from the bunch thanks to contrasting geometric patterns based on our logo.

With an infinite way in which to wear it. This is it, this is MATCHY Infinity.