Matchy introduces to you Chapter #2, our second kit for women and men.
Discover the designs and inspirations behind them…


Matelot is a French word to describe a young sailor. Matelot is therefore naturally linked to the Navy and what they used to wear, the Striped Jersey. Matchy has designed it’s own model of this popular French classic, but we did it our way.

Our way, is to bring something different and « break » the traditional style of the Striped jersey. First, the stripes are not straight but oscillate, they move to the rhythm of the Ocean. Second, we have kept the classic navy blue but matched it against a dark red, a symbol of ardour and courage, a French touch of je ne sais quoi (can’t help our origins).

Ride the kit and feel like a sailor, ready to attack as though you are going into an adventure against all odds.


The flowers, Ladies, we know you love them. Actually, who doesn’t? They put a smile on your face that we, the Gents, love. Almost as exciting as a bike ride, almost...

So we decided to combine both and create this jersey, Arômes Florales, which is French for flower aroma. It’s summer, it’s sunny and warm, and it’s a pleasure to go for a ride. To enjoy it even more, ride this girly fresh kit. Colours and flavours, nothing beats Flowers.

And remember, our kits have moisture wicking fabrics so you can ride hard and still smell like flowers, time to go for it.