Exciting - Challenging - Demanding.
There are a lot of reasons why we love racing.

Racing has been and still is a huge part of our cycling experience and so it was natural for us to promote our brand through a bunch of friends who enjoy racing our way. Winning is RAD, we would not argue against this. But enjoying your ride is at least as important for us.

Having fun is part of our vision of sport, of cycling and of how you should share it with your friends. And it’s exactly the way we like to race. We are not pro, and we won’t be pro because we don’t fancy six hour rides in the winter with only three apples for lunch!  So at least we want to have fun, it’s a passion after all. First we are friends then we are teammates.

Our Race Team is a way to keep our focus as high as possible in term of fit, fabric, technology and design. Racing demands the upmost from the garments being worn, and what we learn here will enable us to improve upon and ultimately keep on releasing the very best products to our customers.