Before telling you what our philosophy is, we would like to tell you a bit more about our history, because for us it’s linked to both.

Well, we are French and cycling has always been cool to us. It has always been a game of finding that special kit to match our bike, sunglasses, helmet or shoes...
Constantly searching for products that teammates don’t have and always wanting to be seen as unique and stylish. We believe there are lots of people like us out there on their bike (you, obviously) looking for the latest quality, stylish cycling kit. For this reason all our products run in limited quantities. We told you our story is linked to our philosophy.

The big value of Matchy is it's sustainability. Each jersey is made from 100% recycled fabrics, and every new product is made following this commitment. In 2020 we are proud to introduce a 100% recycled base layer, a 65% recycled gilet and soon a 100% recycled bib short. Stay tuned!



You guys need to know why we created Matchy, and the ideology we believe in, as they are indelibly linked to the kit that you will be wearing.

There are 3 pillars that matter for us and drive us in everything we do.


Above everything else we want you to enjoy the experience of cycling by providing a fantastic garment. Everything we produce is designed and manufactured with your comfort in mind, leaving you to focus on getting that all important KOM.  No stone is left unturned, from the fabrics, padding and stitching, to the mesh brace, extra zip pocket and reflectivity properties...

But for us, quality is not just about the construction; it’s also about the execution of the design and the design itself. Every pattern is carefully conceived and created with acute attention to the finer details. We are stoked with the result so far.


Exclusivity and Originality are how we would describe our Identity. All our products are released in limited quantities and once we have sold out, there’s no second batch. This makes them exclusive and the people who will ride them will be too.

Our designs are a balance between the daily London iconography we encounter  and our own classic French culture. The result is a discerning style with enough originality to catch the eye.


Being accessible means two things for us.

First, we think women and men are equal, that’s why we always  design and create for both. Cycling is not exclusive to men, more women are embracing the sport and with it they are bringing class and elegance.

Second, we strongly believe in our fabric and design and we want to see you in a different kit every day, in much the same way as you change your clothes. There will always be someone cheaper, and our original limited design products are valuable. So we try strike a balance between cost effective and price point. After all this is your passion, and we need to stay accessible.